Cancelation/Change Policy.

Cancelations are accepted by phone only. If you have not contacted Gr8limo within the cancelation hour frame, you will be charged the full fare including any airport fees, parking, wait time. All hourly cancelations will be billed for total hours service is requested plus Garage-to-Garage travel time.

  • All reservations should be canceled 24 hours prior and scheduled pick up time.
  • Same-day reservations cannot be changed/canceled and will be billed full fare.
  • Forgetting to cancel reservation/no-show will be considered as Late Cancel and billed in full.
  • All Changes/Cancelations must be made with a Customer Service Representative by calling (855)478-5466. Changes/Cancelations cannot be made online, e-mail, or with our chauffeur. Gr8limo requires that all changes be received by phone at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time. If changes cannot be accommodated and result in cancelation, you will be billed full fare. Reservation cannot be postponed or rescheduled for a different date. We are not responsible if cancelation occurred due to changes in itinerary, canceled flights by the airline, airport weather conditions, aircraft mechanical problems, missed connecting flights.
If you have any questions regarding Cancelation/Change Policy, please call (855)478-5466 for assistance.