Reservation Policy.

1. The trip fare is based on an estimate only. Actual charges will be calculated at the end of the trip.

2. Additional charges may be incurred for deviations from the requested service, such as extra stops, waiting time, etc. Separate fee for International arrival, car seats, pets, holidays will be added to each reservation. Please refer to the “Additional Fees” section on our website for pricing. The trip will revert to be billed as an hourly job at the vehicle’s hourly rate when two or more stops are made.

3. All Hourly rates are subject to 2 (two) hours min of service.

4. Additional Garage-to-Garage (Travel Time) fee will be added to all hourly trips.

5. Travel Time will be determined based on the time and distance the vehicle has to travel from the garage to pick up location and return to garage from drop off location.

6. Total hours including travel time will be calculated and billed at the end of the trip.